The Brief

The Canyon Swing has a great story and a unique attitude to jumping, or indeed being pushed, off a cliff. We needed to create a new identity and overarching story for Shotover Canyon Fox that could sit alongside and compliment the established Canyon Swing brand.

The Process

This started with a running jump! Well we had to test the product before we could get into the creative zone. Interviews with staff and gathering feedback from guinea pigs allowed us to really delve into the heart of the Fox experience. The stories of the people on the front line of a product are vital components in delivering the brand story.

The Result

Shotover Canyon Fox has been operating since early 2016 and is quickly gaining a reputation that is beginning to rival that of its big brother the Swing.


“With your Brainspill brand brainstorming product you deliver a great pre-group session brain-engagement process...”


Matt Hollyer, Canyon Swing